What Is a CTA?

What Is a CTA?

CTA, which stands for Component Type Approval, is a new certification in Australia that replaces the previous CRN (Component Registration Number) system. When the industry's governing body, RVS, issues a CTA number, it signifies the recognition and culmination of the efforts made by manufacturers in the caravanning, light commercial, and recreational trailering sectors.

To obtain a CTA number, manufacturers must demonstrate their adherence to an approved quality control system. They need to provide testing data that showcases the equipment's performance under conditions that align with the relevant Australian Standard. This ensures that the equipment meets the minimum test performance requirements.

This stringent process has been developed by regulatory bodies and policymakers in the industry to guarantee that components bearing a CTA number comply with national road vehicle standards and fulfill road vehicle approval applications. Industry participants consider CTA numbers as a testament to compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR).
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When will CTAs come into effect?
Until 30th June 2023, Component Registration Number (CRN) and SARN (Sub-Assembly Registration Number) will remain in force in the transitional period. After this date, these numbers will be considered the predecessors of the CTA Number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Component Type Approval mean for me?

  • Buying a product with a CTA number assures customers that the product has been developed, tested, and presented to the market with no development or manufacturing corners cut. In a sense, a CTA assigns pedigree to a component, providing a testament of quality.

How do CRN, SARN, and CTA numbers differ?

  • CTA marks a greater level of responsibility and obligation on the manufacturer. Manufacturers need to demonstrate more control over the design and manufacturing process than with CRN or SARN numbers.

    This can be done through quality assurance protocols or applicable ISO9001 accreditation, which outlines the various oversight, processes, transparency and locations involved in developing a product.

When should a manufacturer obtain a CTA number for their component?

  • For products where a test is defined in the road vehicle standards, referenced in an applicable ADR and outlined in an Australian Standard, the demonstration of product performance is expected to meet the minimum test requirements. From this, the CTA number may be issued based on satisfying Australian Standards.

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