What is Duragal Angle?

What is Duragal Angle?

Duragal angle is a type of steel angle that is manufactured from hot-rolled mild steel and is coated with a layer of zinc using a process known as hot-dip galvanization. This process involves immersing the steel angle in a bath of molten zinc, which forms a durable and corrosion-resistant coating on the surface of the steel.

Duragal angle is a popular choice for construction and engineering applications where strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion are important factors. It is commonly used as a structural component in building frames, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. The zinc coating on the surface of the Duragal angle provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments and outdoor applications.

Duragal angle is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, and can be easily cut to length on-site to suit specific project requirements. It is also designed to be easy to weld, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for a wide range of applications.

In addition to its strength and durability, Duragal angle is also an environmentally friendly option. The hot-dip galvanization process used to coat the steel angle with zinc is a sustainable and energy-efficient method of corrosion protection, and the resulting product is 100% recyclable.

The name "Duragal" is a registered trademark of the OneSteel company in Australia, which is one of the manufacturers of this product.

Overall, Duragal angle is a high-quality and versatile product that offers excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It is a popular choice for construction and engineering applications where performance and longevity are key factors.



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