25x25x2.5mm 1200x2000 Galvanised OzMesh Sheet

Weight in Kg
7.50 kg

25x25x2.5mm 1200x2000 Galvanised OzMesh Sheet

Weldmesh sheets are extremely versatile and can be cut and bent to suit. They can also be welded, wire tied or secured with special fittings to produce fabricated containers and other shapes

Whether it’s to build a pet enclosure for your Birds, dogs etc. or to Cage your trailer, truck or ute, these mesh sheets will exceed your expectations.

Suitable for a wide variety of purposes including pet cages and enclosures, trailer cages, security, gardens, shelving and much more.

They can also be used for Chicken Coops, Dog and Cat Cages, Breeding birds and even to Catch Possums.

These Sheets can also be used in your Garden and as a safety partition.

From landscapers to Handyman, these mesh panels are very popular and of high quality. Some use it instead of reo Bar when concrete/ concreting.

Wire Mesh has significant capabilities in the production of welded wire mesh (also known as weldmesh, welded mesh, steelmesh and Welded Wire Mesh).

Rural mesh fencing products including sheep yard mesh, cattle yard mesh, farm gate mesh, tree guard mesh, intensive livestock floor mesh, gabion mesh and dog run mesh.

Great for bird breeders, such us Cockatiels Green Cheeked Conures Maroon

Great for the floors of chicken coops to keep foxes / fox out. also used in gardening for plants to climb