M8 X 40 PC4.6 Galv Hex Coach Screw

Ideal for Screw onto Timber
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M8 X 40 PC4.6 Galv Hex Coach Screw

Discover the Heavy-Duty Hex Coach Screw / Bolt

 Unleash the power of our Heavy-Duty Hex Coach Screw/Bolt – your ultimate solution for robust projects. Known as a lag screw, it's perfect for heavy-duty tasks like gate construction and timber support.

Specification Description
Metric Diameter M8
Lengths 40mm
Threads Metric Coarse
Strength Property Class 4.6
Material/Finish Hot Dip Galvanized
Compliance AS 1393

Key Features:

 - Built Tough: Ideal for fences, gates, and timber-to-timber support, it thrives in challenging projects.

 - Hex Head Design: Ensures a secure grip, easy installation, and optimal torque transmission.

 - Metric Precision: M8 diameter, 40mm lengths, and metric coarse threads for a perfect fit.

 - Strong Foundation: With Property Class 4.6 strength, it's a durable choice for demanding tasks.

 - Resilient Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized coating wards off rust, offering lasting protection.

 - Compliant: Meets AS 1393 standards for quality and reliability.

 Elevate your projects with the Heavy-Duty Hex Coach Screw/Bolt from The Metal Warehouse. Trust in its strength and reliability to deliver exceptional results.


Get yours today and embrace the power of durability!