Gal Mesh Clips Bag of 100

Gal Mesh Clips Bag of 100

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Gal Mesh Clips Bag of 100

Mesh Fence Clip- Bag of 100 clips

The ‘wide open mouth’ design makes it easy to fit the clip onto horizontal straining wires or onto a standard weldmesh fence panel.

The diameter of the bend of the clip is 5.5mm – it is designed to neatly fit wires up to 5mm in diameter and will not be loose. The hole in the clip is 6mm and is designed for fixing with a Tek screw.  These small tolerances achieve a very neat fitting fence clip.


Designed to neatly attach weldmesh fence panels (up to a 5mm in wire diameter) and also to be used to neatly attach horizontal straining wires, for chain wire security fences and acreage fences.

The clip design creates a unique ‘leaver action effect’, which allows the clip to be easily closed by finger pressure, (to an initial closed position). This initial closed position allows the clip to “hold in place” until it is permanently fixed into place with a Tek screw.

The clip is pre bent at the right spot to achieve the best possible looking finish once it has been screwed into place. The clip is pre shaped and is NOT forced into shape by the Tek screw. The clip is designed so that both legs come together in the closed position, flat and parallel.

If you require powder coated clips, the pre bent leg means there is less chance of the powder coating cracking or flaking off. A basic ‘U’ clip is forced into shape as the Tek screw is driven in, putting pressure on the painted surface and often causing the powder coat to flake.



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