6 inch Economy Jockey Wheel 350kg 8 Hole Swivel

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6 inch Economy Jockey Wheel 350kg 8 Hole Swivel

Introducing the JWE6SU Swivel Trailer Jockey Wheel: Effortless Maneuverability and Reliable Support for Your Trailers!

The JWE6SU Swivel Trailer Jockey Wheel is the ultimate companion for smooth and hassle-free trailer maneuvering. With its impressive features and robust construction, this swivel jockey wheel provides maximum support, flexibility, and reliability for all your towing needs.

✅ Swivel Design for Enhanced Maneuverability: The JWE6SU features a swivel mechanism that allows for 360-degree rotation, providing effortless maneuverability in any direction. Easily navigate tight spaces and make precise trailer adjustments with ease.

✅ Maximum Height Extension: With a maximum height extension of 250mm, the JWE6SU offers versatile adjustability to accommodate trailers of varying heights. Achieve the perfect towing position and easily adapt to different hitching setups with ease.

✅ Rated up to 350kg: Engineered to handle heavy loads, the JWE6SU is rated for up to 350kg. Experience peace of mind knowing that this jockey wheel can effortlessly handle the weight of your trailer, ensuring stability and reliable performance.

✅ Solid Rubber Tyre: The JWE6SU features a solid rubber tyre that provides excellent traction and durability. Its robust design allows for smooth rolling and exceptional performance on various terrains, ensuring reliable towing experiences.

✅ Quality Zinc Plating: Meticulously crafted with quality zinc plating, the JWE6SU offers superior corrosion resistance. This ensures long-lasting protection against rust and extends the lifespan of the jockey wheel, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Upgrade your towing experience with the JWE6SU Swivel Trailer Jockey Wheel. Enjoy effortless maneuverability, impressive load capacity, a solid rubber tyre for reliable traction, and quality zinc plating for exceptional durability.

Discover the difference the JWE6SU can make for your trailers. Explore our range of quality trailer accessories and enhance your towing adventures.