Hammerlock Shackle 10mm Chain 3150kgs Rated

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Hammerlock Shackle 10mm Chain 3150kgs Rated

Suits 10mm chain and is rated up to 3.15T.

The Hammerlock Shackle is a heavy-duty shackle designed for use with 10mm chains in high-load applications. It is rated up to 3150kgs, making it ideal for use in heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications.

The shackle is made from high-strength steel, which provides excellent strength and durability, even in harsh operating conditions. It is designed to withstand extreme loads and forces, making it a reliable choice for applications where safety and security are critical.

The Hammerlock Shackle features a unique design that allows for quick and easy installation and while also providing a secure and reliable connection between the chain and the load. The shackle is also designed to be compatible with a range of different chains, making it a versatile choice for those who need a heavy-duty shackle for multiple applications.

Overall, the Hammerlock Shackle is a high-quality and reliable shackle that provides excellent performance and durability. It is an ideal choice for those who need a heavy-duty shackle for industrial or commercial applications, and it offers a secure and easy-to-use connection for maximum convenience.